Posted by: shellyweave | April 29, 2010

i am a soul capturer.

My happiest moments in life generally occur when I am holding my baby: My Nikon D40. His name is Bartholomew, and we are absolutely and unstoppably connected. I discovered this love of using a light tight box to bounce light from a mirror onto a digital image card during freshman year, when I was sitting at a park with a group of friends, not unlike my typical weekends now, only my camera then completely sucked and I had no idea what it was I was about to embark upon.

But through a camera lens I began to actually SEE things, not just observe things. I perceived colors in a new way, composition was more than just a word printed across a notebook my science teacher made me purchase to keep a “scrapbook” of all of our findings throughout the year, and people became these multifaceted beings that allowed me to keep a part of them forever.

There is nothing better than the reactions I get when my “models” see themselves after hours of me attempting to communicate to them what I would like them to do, awkward laughter, and countless sighs every time I start a sentence with “Hey Meghan, what do you think about ______?”

But no matter how long I take to get someone in the perfect pose, the picture that comes immediately after is always the one that makes me stop and stare, amazed that a split second in time can be so pure and so full of life, like a picture of my good friends, who have been dating for almost six months now, that literally stunned me into silence. Their love for each other was just so visible, it was inescapable.

And then there is a picture that completely catches me off gaurd, a shot of my sister that takes my breath away. She has only joined me on a shoot once, and I came home with hundreds of pictures that were so revealing, ones that show a side of her that I’m sometimes afraid I’ll never know as well as Bartholomew does. I can’t read the secrets in those eyes, and I can’t begin to recall all of the moments that lead to the hills and valleys of her glowing face, even though I have lived down the hall from her my entire life.

Then there is my best friend in the entire universe, Meghan. She’s been there every step of the way in my photography endeavors and I have thousands of gorgeous images of her on my hard drive. She lays in brambles, sweats in desert landscapes, and dons a prom dress in the middle of an abandoned dairy for the sake of my art. I plan on making my life out of this whole photo thing, and she’s totally on board.

Much like every other aspect of my life. In anything I do I know I can count on this lady, even if she will show up ten to thirty minutes late. It’s cool though, I can adjust to Meghan Standard Time if she can adjust to leaning against frighteningly jagged walls covered in questionable handprints and stains for the rest of our crazy lives together. And I am more than grateful for her clever and creative ideas while I release a shutter and capture a soul for eternity.

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