Posted by: shellyweave | May 1, 2010

ta-ta-ta-talking ’bout blah, blah, blah.

Sometimes, more often then not, life hits a standstill where nothing interesting really happens. In my teenage years, I would think, that this would not happen as often as it does… but it gives me time to be by myself and reflect on what I want with my life. So, while Shelly may be off dancing the night away at her friend’s prom, I am sitting at home, breathing in the deep, earthy smell of incense, in my newly clean room. A lot, or a little, gets done when you’re alone.

This seems to happen often in Shelly’s and my friendship. She tends to have the “go hang out until all hours of the night” attitude, while I’m content with sitting at home, burrowing away beneath my covers with a good book in hand, and emerging only when my mother prys me from beneath the safety of my covers. I think I would be okay with excommunicating myself from most of the world. Without Shelly, I think I might have let my high school years slide into an “I’m a hermit, leave me alone” phase. So, for pulling me out of my hermit-dom I am forever grateful to her.

I feel like there is no time, story, or memory I could share without Shelly in it, or Shelly’s response to it. It is as if she has been in my life for longer than 3 years (and although I may refute it sometimes, she will be in it for many years to come). No matter what, she is there. So, my life may be a boring world of awesomely boring events, but Shelly spices it up.

Tonight, while she is living her life away from mine, almost in a different world, I realize that my life really isn’t boring– I just live it in a different way. Life is open to interpretation only to be guided by a few common truths. So Shelly may have her interpretation, and I may have mine.

So, in essence, a Saturday spent sleeping in until noon, loitering around until finally being told to clean my room, knocking out a few hundred pages of a book, and being held hostage from visiting– you guessed it– Shelly’s house is a good Saturday indeed. To some it may be seen as laziness, or lack of a social life (which I am not disputing) but to me it is my life: embrace it, embrace me.

Viva la vida, whatever that may be.

P.S. This feels like an extremely lame way to welcome May 2010 into the world, so in honor of May 1st I want to say praise Jesus, it is May: may we all hold on for one more month.

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