Posted by: shellyweave | May 15, 2010

off the deep end.

Today has turned out to be an overly relaxing day. Waking up at noon, slowly meandering about the house, editing Disneyland photos and some simple household chores all made up my relatively boring day. Although I slept until noon, I took a nap around three. My life seemed to have hit an all time low. Just when I was sure it couldn’t get worse, my day made a 180 degree turn around. I, figuratively and somewhat literally, jumped off the deep-end.

The peak of my insanity hit aroun 6:30 when, for various reasons, I decided to swim in the shower. It’s almost like a swimming pool, right?

Wrong. The shower turned out to be much more interesting.

To start off the crazy adventure, I went digging through my drawers in search of my favorite purple bathing suit. After finding it hidden amongst my socks, I said a small prayer, praying that it did not miraculously shrink over the winter–or that I had not grown. So, after the plea was made, I secretively donned my skin-tight suit–it must have shrunk– and hollered to my parents that the shower was going to be in use. (Yes, we only have ONE shower, but it’s better than none in my opinion). I opened my door a tiny crack and peered around the corner to see my dad reading a book and frankly not caring what his mental daughter was doing. With the knowledge that my secret was safe, I ran stealth-like from the safety of my bedroom into the open hallway and finally, into the bathroom.

So there I stood, clad in last year’s bathing suit trying to stretch out the material that hadn’t seen human contact in months, while preparing for my leasiruly dunking. I stepped into the steaming shower, laughing at how ridiculous the situation must have looked from an observer’s perspective. Nevertheless, I continued into the refreshing waterfall of droplets erupting from the showerhead and took my time enjoying my swim. (For this insanity, I may need to be institutionalized). I closed my eyes and saw the glistening pool water, felt the summer heat–which is truely almost upon us–and smelled the chlorine.  After several long minutes, I decided I needed to get out, seeing as I didn’t want a sun-burn. I turned off the water, and my created image of the summer pool scene slid silently down the drain, sending me crashing back towards reality. I stepped out of my tiny, made-up pool and wrapped my Jo-Bro’s beach towel around me.

While I was drying off, the true audactiy of the situation hit me as I glimpsed my reflection in the mirror. I just stood there and laughed. It was the saddest sight a person could see. I had just convinced myself I had spent the afternoon at the pool by taking a swim in my shower. I felt dillusional, but before my parents could catch me in my mental state, I burst from the steamy bathroom back into the safety of my insane asylum–my bedroom. I quickly pulled off the suit, tucked it under a large pile of laundry, put some pj’s on and plopped onto my bed. I pondered the situation that had just occured, embarrassed by my absolute craziness. Then, I realized, how could I NOT share this with the big wide world that is the internet?

My secret endeavors of swimming in the shower provide a hilarious antic for awkward moments. As I think about it though, the act of swimming in a shower is not beneath me, obviously. I am a person who is not afraid to do something silly, to run up to those cute twins at the zoo and tell them they are attractive, or “throw up” in a trash-can to the dismay of an elderly by standard. In fact, the truth is, I believe I have become immune to the social standard of the word “awkward.” Nothing phases me anymore. I bet if you looked up awkward in the dictionary, I would be the number one synonym. This is not some new revelation, or new discovery to my life or friendship with Shelly. I’ve been well aware of the awkwardness that comes from my everyday life and it is something that I have decided to embrace.  I think that an afternoon swimming in the shower is in fact one well spent.

Insanity aside, this day has been a pretty boring, normal, average day in the life of Meghan.


  1. you, my friend, are a genius in the art of hilarity. i love that you did this. and i’m not surprised at all. 😉

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