Posted by: shellyweave | May 19, 2010

nargles in the mistletoe.

One of the easiest things for me to do in my life is lie. I’m a good liar. I can lie about anything from the simplest of white mistruths to the most elaborate schemes. A common misconception that I often face is the idea that just because I am a good liar (and have been known to play a few tricks on people through the use of my talent) that I lie all of the time–which is far from the truth. Obviously, just because I have the talent of lying does not mean I over use it or misuse it. Now, often times, I will convince Shelly of something silly and fickle, but as the years go by she has learned to mistrust everything that I say, which is not something I initially intended to happen. In fact, it can be disheartening sometimes to have her question all of my motives but, I guess I deserve it.

Although all of this is important in my career of being a liar and although I am great at convincing others of almost anything, I think the person I lie to the most convincingly and with the most effort is myself. I have been known to go to great lengths on occasion to convince myself of things I know not to be true. Not necessarially large, life altering truths, but truths none the less. For example, I may know that I just ate one fairly LARGE bowl of ice cream, but then, one to two hours later, eat a piece of pie, or another sweet, with wholehearted conviction that it is my first sweet of the day. Even with simple things like calorie intake, I can bend facts to fit my reality. I let myself believe that there are Nargles in the mistletoe and THAT is why I am not getting kissed.

I think sometimes it is easier for me to lie to myself then just own up to the reality of the situation. Avoidance is key when it comes to trickery. Simply avoid the situation and all will be well. That is what I tell myself. Well, that is not always true. Something is going to come around and backfire. Something will happen and I will one day see the truth, even if it hasn’t happened yet. I will realize that it’s not the fact that there are Nargles in the mistletoe but the fact that no one wants to kiss me THAT is why I have no one to kiss. I will see the small truths to all those lies that I tell myself big and small. I will realize I made up those Nargles to cover the bigger picture.

Now lies aren’t always a bad thing and I believe that sometimes they are 100 percent necessary and sometimes Without them life would be miserable, but that doesn’t mean that we should all go around spouting off lies every second of every day. I think that owning up to reality a little more would do me some good. I should stop trying to always convince myself of my truths as opposed to the recognizing the real ones.

Shelly always asks me how I became so good at lying and honestly, I can never tell her the truth. So Shelly, I think the reason I’m so good at lying to people is because I’m so good at lying to myself and that is not something I am especially proud of. But, nobody is perfect and well, if I’m a compulsive liar, so be it. I will have to face up to reality at one point. Someday those Nargles are going to come around and bite me in the butt, but for now, I’ll just avoid the mistletoe.

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