Posted by: shellyweave | May 24, 2010

looks like i need a violin.

Just a warning, if you aren’t a poetry fan, you will not like this post. That’s too freaking bad because you’re missing out on a beautiful world. Sorry. If you do enjoy poetry, read on 🙂

Meghan is a person that helps me see things from a different angle, even if it’s purely by accident. She has the opposite thought process as I do which aids me in finding different paths to the same destination on a daily basis. Like last night, for example, she was sitting in the living room while we flipped through my two Pablo Neruda poetry collections. He’s our favorite, and we get a lot from reading his stuff. There’s one poem that I’ve always wondered about, on page 456 of The Poetry of Pablo Neruda, that simply says, stacked in an upwards pattern:








And I’ve stared at it multiple times, wondering what he could have possibly meant by the invisible necessities required to float in the sky. On the next page are my favorite verses in the history of the world:

two wings,

a violin,

and so many things,

incalculable things, things without names,

a license for a large slow-moving eye,

the inscription on the nails of the almond tree,

the titles of the grass in the morning.

it wasn’t until Meghan said “are you sure you’re reading it right?” that I saw the connection between the two pages, that To rise to the sky you need two wings, a violin, and so many things. It made sense then and I felt silly that I hadn’t seen it before, but once I had made the discovery I looked at the rest of the lines I read that night from a new perspective, attempting to unlock the mysteries of Neruda’s words.

A lot of my life is spent staring blankly at pages, trying to decipher them. Then someone like Meghan comes along, turns the page right side up, and skips off, leaving me to marvel at the fact that I was so ignorant as to miss it in the first place. I enjoy those people, they make life a little easier for me.

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