Posted by: shellyweave | June 3, 2010

summer nights and a little story about Meghan.

Well, well, well. It looks as though Meghan forgot to post yesterday and we’ve decided that there should be a punishment for that sort of thing. So I get to reveal any story I’d like about Meghan for the world to see. But, I will be nice, and tell a funny one because it demonstrates just how awesome my best friend is.

Once upon a time Shelly and Meghan were at a concert/music festival of sorts with a bunch of friends from my church. I was mostly taking pictures at the event and Meghan was just kind of hanging around with me. She trailed off with my younger sister once and comes running back, giggling and red, yelling about some super adorable boy working the t-shirt tent. So naturally I need to attain a view of him. Once I had concurred on her opinion of the fine young man, I decided she should give him her number. She laughed it off, but an hour later I was frantically scribbling a message on a scrap of paper that involved “I think you’re really cute” and her number.

So we came up with a battle plan. She would walk up to him and simply say “I think you should have this” and hand it to him, calmly and collectedly walking away  with a little sway in her hips. My mom would be at a specific point where she could see what did with the paper, and I would be waiting far enough away to squeal and jump up and down with Megg. It went off without a hitch, and the boy smiled and kept the paper, but he never called.

And here’s why:

I, Shelly, SUCK. In my excitement and rushing I wrote one of the numbers wrong. Meghan even told me to double check, and I could have sworn it was right, but then it dawned on us that her number was not what I thought it was. So I probably ruined her relationship with one of the most attractive people I’ve EVER seen, but that is not the point of this story. The point is that this is a normal occurrence with Meghan and I. I bring up some stupid idea, and she laughs it off, but after a little thinking we execute. It’s happened dozens of times and we always have an awesome story afterwards. She’s just up for anything. All the time. It’s amazing.

In other news IT’S SUMMER BABY. Flip flops, sun screen, staying out late and sleeping in until eleven, road trips, movie nights, these are the things that I have been anticipating since August of last year. Even if it still doesn’t feel like I’m a senior now, or that all my friends graduated last night.

And I definitely didn’t cry when they all tossed their hats in the air. Nope. Not I.

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