Posted by: shellyweave | June 7, 2010

so high fly through the sky.

I like your suggestion Meghan, though it was fairly open-ended and had no specific requirements. So today I will educate our readers (all three of you! I love the three of you. The three of you have earned a very special place in my little heart) on the matter of marijuana. Pot, reefer, Mary Jane, ace, hash, grass, leaf, ganja, skunk, boom. The list goes on. There are two methods to my madness here, one being I have recently gotten into the Showtime show Weeds, the other the fact that I am allergic to the commonly smoked mind-expander.

That’s right folks, no 420 fun-time for me. Even if I desired to smoke weed, which I in all honestly don’t, I couldn’t. I’ve awoken many a time with stinging eyes and a swollen throat just from walking by a house down the street that is no stranger to Aunt Mary. But no matter, here is a short and general history on the well-loved THC coated flowers of the cannabis plant.

The use of dried cannabis to produce a psycho active  “high” dates way back to the 6000 BC, where the plant (originating in Central and South Asia) was used as a food source. Once the plant was found to produce a smoke that induced trance-like states, it became a religious and ritualistic practice in many clans, groups, and eventually early Jews and Christians. Until 2737 BC the drug was only used in these manners, but the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung discovered inhalation of the smoke eased the pains of gout and rheumatism. Since then the drug has been used to treat nausea in cancer and AIDS patients and glaucoma, as well as general pain relief.

It has also been a successful truth serum used by the US intelligence agency, the Office of Strategic Services since the 1940s.

The short term effects are obvious, the “high” that you get from smoking or eating the plant, but the long term effects have not been fully researched, however it is estimated that it would take 800 joints to kill a person- from carbon monoxide poisoning.

It is estimated 25 million people smoke a day, and 60 percent of adults, 40 percent of teens admit to trying weed at least once. It is a 36 billion dollar business, and most places in the world have strict laws against the dealing of marijuana, though recently the laws have started to become less severe. It’s popularity first rose in the US when prohibition turned citizens away from alcohol and towards a mood-altering drug that didn’t lead to domestic abuse or such intense addiction- though the hemp plant has always been part of American agriculture, widely encouraged in the colonies.

Today’s weed farmer’s are not so fortunate with the government. So there you have it, a basic knowledge of pot. I’ve learned a lot, haven’t you?

And yeah, I quoted Tha Weed Song by Vanilla Ice in the title… I’m not even ashamed.

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