Posted by: shellyweave | June 14, 2010

an afro-tastic past.

I would just like to take this one line to point out the sheer awesome of my afro in the above picture. Thanks for the haircut mom!

My sister (left)  and I (middle) made quite the accidental discovery yesterday. It all started with her trying to remember her kindergarten best friend, her Zelda buddy. So naturally she goes digging through box after box in the garage in search for a yearbook or class picture or something. Our two friends were with us and we turned a clue search into a stroll down memory lane, telling stories about the pictures and objects we were finding.

And then, The Discovery.

I swear, when she peeled back the dusty cardboard to this box angels started singing and a golden halo of light surrounded the contents. About fifty video tapes were sitting in the box, all labeled with dates, names, and places in my mom’s almost illegible, eerily similar to my own, part cursive/part print/part animal scrawl handwriting. I almost peed myself with excitement, previously of the mind that all of our home videos had been ruined or lost in our last move a few years back.

So I jumped in the car, sans shoes (yeah, yeah, HICK), and drove with one of our friends to get a VCR from her house, since we had no clue where ours was.

We spent the next three hours laughing at the images of my sisters and I swinging, rolling on the floor, dancing with tupperware on our heads, opening birthday gifts, and singing Celine Dion hits into a karaoke machine. We are all still the same in so many ways, even though it’s been nearly fifteen years.

We never found any hint as to her best friend’s name, but we did get a lot of entertainment from studying our past habits and interactions. And if I learned one thing, it’s never to trust that girl that shares my genetics, because on my fourth birthday while she was pretending to hug me, the camera revealed her slipping my birthday money off the table and into her little hands. Such an evil little version of her now sweet (mostly) self.

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