Posted by: shellyweave | June 22, 2010

you’ll have to carry me back from cali

I got home yesterday from a five day vacation in California and Las Vegas. Yeah, I went from Disneyland, the most innocent place in the world, to Las Vegas, a place I feel like I still have sticking to the bottom of my feet.

Literally, I chose my $2.50 Walmart flip flops for the few hours we were out on the strip and I seriously regret it. I also regret not being aware of the purple/yellow Lakers-esque color combo I had going on. The looks I received from presumably defeated Celtics fans were painful and somewhat terrifying. And by somewhat I mean my dad was about to knock one guy out. I’ve decided it was because of the Lakers thing, because I can’t imagine any other reason someone would hate me at first look like that jerk did.

Aside from that little incident, the trip was pretty fun. I haven’t been to Disneyland in five years, and when I did go at twelve I was absolutely adamant about not going on roller coasters. I was so afraid of them it was just pathetic. Needless to say, Space Mountain pretty much made me want to die. I had an anxiety attack on the ride and the picture of my mom holding me while I cried and the rest of my family laughs haunts me constantly.

Enter Meghan three years later. The scene: The crest of the line of Goliath in Magic Mountain. Shelly might pee herself, but Meghan assures her that Goliath is the most tame ride in the entire theme park and they will spend the day working up to the scariest ones. As the scene progresses and the cart climbs higher and higher (no joke, I just got a little nauseous from the very memory of the clicking and dragging into the sky) Shelly becomes more and more distraught. She’s never been this high, or this scared. But Meghan is beside her and is positive that Goliath is not that far of a drop and it all be totally fine.

And then I looked over the front of the cart at the top and my last thought before dropping involved Meghan and a noose. But as soon as we scooped under that tunnel and finished one of the best experiences of my entire life, I was thrilled. All of those years of waiting at the bottom for my friends and family were over, and I was addicted. So this year when I went to Space Mountain, I was going to conquer it.

I was nothing short of a little kid who just saw that castle for the first time. I wasn’t even kind of embarrassed. It was everything I needed after such a long ten month stretch of constant disappointment and stress. But now I’m back at home and there’s work to do, so wooooooh. 🙂

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