Posted by: shellyweave | July 16, 2010

heigh-ho heigh-ho its off to work i go.

Recently, I was hired at a resale consignment shop, somewhere in between school and home (because the two are farther apart since I moved about 6 months ago). The job was offered up to me by one of my acquaintances at school, as her parents own the store. After turning in my application, and heading in for a job interview about a week later, I was offered the job on the spot. The only draw back: I had to have the availability to work Sundays. Now, I’ve gone to church every Sunday of my life– minus sickness or being out of town– but I accepted the job none-the-less. Seeing as I’m looking into changing churches I figured that working Sunday would be no problem and still, I see no drawback in it.

Now this being my first job, I am extremely new to everything that working this job entails. Well, as I have discovered in my two days of employment, it really isn’t that difficult. The first day brought me TONS of new things to remember: cash register details, passwords, patterns, routines, tagging, hanging, z-racks, locations, and the list goes on and on. It can be a little overwhelming, although not really truly difficult. The girls I worked with my first day were nice enough, mainly talking to each other and I pretty much kept to myself, worked the register, made a few mistakes, asked the smallest number of questions possible, and the day went pretty quickly.

Today, my second day on the job, was a different story. I had two new girls I was working with along with one from the day before. The day started pretty slow with more minuet details to remember, differences of opinions on how to work things (seeing as I got a new trainer), and simple adjustments of what I had learned the day before. Overall not too bad. Then the critiques came. One girl would come by and say I had done something wrong and to do it again, then another–after I had re-done what the first had told me–would tell me the old way was right and that I was NOW doing it wrong. I brushed it off, and just tried to maintain a happy persona, trying to do what I was told. More and more overwhelming, “just to let you know, you did _____ wrong,” or “never do _____” filled into my head and eventually on the inside I felt so dejected. It’s not the way the girls treated me–they were nothing but nice– I just couldn’t take hearing all my work was for nothing. By 11 o’clock I was done, but unfortunately, my shift didn’t end until 3. So, when I got sent on break, I just had to cry. I’d been holding it in since 10, and finally letting it out felt good. Of course, I didn’t want the other girls to see me and think I was that “girl who cried her second day,” so I snuck out back and let it out, then returned into the store good and calm.

The rest of the day entailed me trying to live up to three shift-mates different standards, and trying to live up to my own as well. It wasn’t truly horrible, but I could have used someone to talk to. Shelly, you are away at camp and that makes things so much more difficult. Sometimes I feel like you are really my only friend because without you I’m lame and I sneak out of work to go cry in the back, only to maintain my dignity when someone caught my eye. Without you I have nobody to tell my silly things to, or get anything out to. The truth is, I don’t know anyone else well enough. I did make it through the day without you Shell, but it was hard. I didn’t even tell my mom, dad or sister about the tear fest in the 110 degree weather. I swear they just evaporated off my face (or passed off as sweat).

But overall, the job is great, and I don’t have complaints at all. It’s been fun, and fairly easy, just very overwhelming and stressful. If I have grey hairs when you come back don’t be surprised.

The 7 dwarfs make work look so much less stressful than it really is. Although, I can say that I have embodied every detail of each of the 7 dwarfs today. Sneezy, Sleepy, Dopey, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Grumpy might as well all be renamed Meghan. This morning I woke up to disgusting eyebrows and as you know, after each pluck I sneeze. There, I became Sneezy. After I got to work I quickly became Dopey, as I obviously do not know a thing. After I bashfully (here I became Bashful) snuck away to cry, I became Grumpy because I disliked what was going on. My Doc persona became embodied through me when I actually knew an answer to a customer’s question. Happiness flowed through me when I got to go home and wash off the day’s worries. There, I became Happy. Now, tired is flowing familiarly through my veins–as it usually is, but even more so today– so, I feel like Sleepy. All of the 7 sure do come with a day’s work. Disney did a pretty good job at predicting the emotions of the workforce with those guys.  The only person I did not feel like today was Snow White, the fairest of them all. With sweaty everything, a not so appealing work shirt and a ponytail that screams “I’m not interested in human interaction,” I definitely do not prove  to be the girl who is envied by all.

I’m a long way off from fairy tale princess.

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