Posted by: shellyweave | July 19, 2010


So you know that feeling when you’ve been in the car for hours and hours of boring highway, peppered with cactus and dry brush, and you’re just about fed up with it, but suddenly a sign appears that you recognize? It might say the name of your state, or it might be the sign from the first gas station that doesn’t have California’s outrageous prices, but the slightly more subdued prices of Arizona. Or perhaps it’s the <– Phoenix / Los Angelos –> sign that I look forward to every time I come back from camp. Because at that point, I know it’s just a little bit more, another Nacho Libre or Napoleon Dynamite.

And after one of the most incredible weeks of my life, I still needed that sign. But it was only half as awesome as seeing my mom standing on the church sidewalk, clapping and jumping up and down after a fifteen hour drive and several scares (and a trip to the hospital for one of our boys after a bad reaction to come meds). This last week at camp was beautiful, and several amazing and inspiring things happened, but it is so good to be back in my own bed where I can text Meghan and talk to my mom and get on Facebook and do all the other distracting things that a week without was just enough to make me realize I could survive, but not enough to make me give them all up.

I missed this site too. It’s good to be back, DV.

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