Posted by: shellyweave | July 29, 2010

i am a senior.

I have at last made it to the crescendo of all my public school years. Yes, folks, since I was just a wee six year old in a red plaid uniform in the swamps of Louisiana, I have been dreaming and waiting for this year. And boy is it going to be a wondrous one. My schedule? Perfect. My teachers? Fabulous. My classmates? Awesome. My parking spot? Freaking beautiful!

I am excited people. You should be too. Happy Shelly is a pleasant and creative Shelly. And that Shelly can manage to write posts more often. Because I’m aware that the only thing you have important in your life is to read our dinky little blog right? You don’t have significant others, jobs, school, or friends.

It’s just Megg and I for you. Understandable. We are pretty fantastic.


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