Posted by: shellyweave | August 2, 2010

january 24th, 2011 cannot come sooner.

The air conditioning in our house decided it no longer wanted to work over the weekend, which to most people means mildly uncomfortable days but cool nights so it’s totally cool. To people in Arizona it means death and destruction. It is way too hot outside to ever consider staying, and lately for some odd reason it’s also been humid which is just another ingredient in the recipe for disaster.

So my two sisters, mom, and I have been sharing a hotel room for three days. And it started off well. It was exciting and fun and like a little mini vacation just minutes from our house, what a joy!

But then hell cracked open and released every demon and curse it possessed in a flood of sulfurous terror. Without getting into details, just in case my mom or sisters found this page (heaven help me when that happens), I was dramatic, my mom was dramatic, and my sisters thossed in their own little doses of drama as well, JUST FOR KICKS AND GIGGLES.

All I can say is that they better have the AC fixed tomorrow or someone is going to die. I cannot possibly take much more of this insanity.

SILVER LINING: 174 DAYS UNTIL I AM 18. Praise the Lord.

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