Posted by: shellyweave | August 7, 2010

(insert title here).

I have no inspiration for you lately little site! With work, school, drama and troubles, I just don’t have any time to sit down and write to you any more. Not that I won’t continue trying though. So here is a little update on my life, short and simple:

Work is work. I got my first pay check yesterday which was one of the most exciting things in the world! Money is fabulous.

School is school. I have half days and they are glorious. I get more and more accustomed to them every day, and I am so in love with them. I may be getting the high school paper’s A&E editor position, so fingers crossed on that one.

Drama is always just drama. Life is dramatic, but I won’t spill it out on here for obvious reasons (when I’m 40 and running for President I don’t want this to come back to haunt me)… because OBVIOUSLY I will be running for President.

And lastly, troubles are not always troublesome. I think I have been creating a lot of my own troubles lately, just making things out to be worse than they seem. Having a head full of confusing things going on is the perfect situation for creating mind trouble. I won’t rant too much, but sometimes I just wish I wouldn’t make life so complicated, but that is what makes it life.

As for today, I’m sick. I have been laying around for the day watching Disney movies with an old friend (except for the mini break I took to Shelly’s) being lazy and silly. I am now in my pj’s and am trying to recount the day. Recently, I have heard that if you can keep a journal of positive things that happened throughout your day and then revisit them later that day or the next day, you will overall be a happier person. I’m not sure why this is relevant, but I feel like if any day I needed to start that journal it would be today.

Lastly blog, I wish you could just know what I am thinking. I have never been one to hold anything back, but today, I have that ability in me. Today, I am a confused adolescent who wishes she were an adult so she could figure everything out. So, I will end this post knowing that I can go into my room, snuggle with my kitty covered blanket and my Teddy Bear (which I may or may not have to replace) and just accept the fact that I will not know the answers to anything for a very long time.

The decisions we make today will always have some effect on our future, but for today, I just want to lay down and wallow in my sickness and maybe tune in to a Harry Potter marathon.

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