Posted by: shellyweave | August 11, 2010


I had a whole concept and idea for what I was going to say today. I even began writing it and had it most of  the way complete, but I decided (as a result of my computer crashing before I could save most of the draft) that something simple could mean a lot more then another lengthy “what’s happening in Meghan’s brain” post.

So tonight, I come to you, my dear blog, humble.  I come to you baring all but having nothing to bare. I come to you 167 some odd days out from graduation knowing that this is going to be a long road. I come understanding that a few weeks in, I already feel swamped and yet oddly, underwhelmed. I come knowing that whatever happens in the course of this year, will impact severely the path of my future. Friends that remain friends (and enemies that remain enemies) during this year, could be friends (and enemies) for a lifetime. Memories created during this year, could be memories I cherish forever. This year could help me grow up. This year could show me more than I can know right now.

Or, this year could bring me absolutely none of that. I will never know, not until I allow myself to experience what life has to throw at me. So far, I have dealt with incomprehensible amounts of drama, overwhelming feelings of love, loss, friendship, excitement, discouragement, happiness, sadness and the broadest spectrum of emotions a year has brought me so far ( that might be pushing it, but I just couldn’t help but finish the sentence that way–it is the AP writer in me).

I am determined not to let a moment go to waste. I don’t want all of those emotions stacking up on me, and causing me to blink and miss something that could have been so worth while. I don’t know what I need, but I know what I want to need, and I want to need to make the most of this year, and I am set on starting that goal today.

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