Posted by: shellyweave | August 12, 2010

to unknow the knowledge of good and evil would be a miraculous thing.

You know that feeling you get when everything has just worked itself out, even though you are completely aware that it’s only for this small moment in time, and the next tick of the clock will bring another issue? It’s like standing on a cliff, totally ready to jump, and everything is beautiful and clear and lovely, but you turn your head to the side and suddenly your stomach plummets south and your hands tremble and the world is wrong again.

That’s how I would describe today. I have all of these problems that have been solved (car is still running, I now am working at the same place Megg does and I love it so far, our A/C is fine, I’m close to on good terms with most everyone around me) but at the same time there are millions of potential problems that are just waiting in the shadows for me to lose focus, lose my mind, so they can pounce.

I wish I could find a way to forget that the potential problems exist, but once you know something you can never un-know it. It’s a shame, really.

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