Posted by: shellyweave | August 24, 2010

it’s not you, it’s me.

Dear Deux Voix,

I would just like to apologize. I have totally neglected you in the last few weeks. Between work, school, and family/friends I just have not had time to update you. And I feel horrible for that. I truly truly do.

Bottom of my heart status. I swear.

So I feel as though I should update you on my life. But nothing has happened really. I’ve just been drowning in homework that I still manage not to get done, and work that I DO get done. And I really enjoy it. I think I might start a new project where I handwrite or draw something to post every once and awhile.

I would say every week but we all know how that would work out. (AGAIN SORRY. Forgive me?)

Any way, another thing I’ve been working on was moving all of my photography stuff from one website to a new one. I’ve made the switch to Tumblr and so far I like it, and I’ve finally settled on a theme that I like. If you feel so inclined you could check it out at I think it’s come along nicely. It’s just clean enough for my liking 🙂

Love youuuuuuu.

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