Posted by: shellyweave | August 25, 2010

some more car moments

Cars cars cars. I swear they only exist to cause trouble. For the past month, my car’s break light has been coming on and off periodically. That ominous little break light has been the bane of my existence every time I set foot on the brake pedal. After telling my Dad about it MULTIPLE times, he finally got me a new set of expensive, over-priced breaks (only after finally seeing the pesky light turn on for himself… but his trust is another issue).

In addition to crazy breaks that can’t decide if they are broken, my truck recently decided that its battery would die–on a morning it was important for me to get to school on time. The CD player has been on the fritz and the steering wheel cover is leaking some mysterious black goop that gets on my hands every time I make a left turn. So many problems that have all arisen at the same inconvenient time.

(Oh, and a little word of advice: If you are ever car dancing to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” and find yourself getting a little out of control in the jiggly car dancing, screaming at the top of your lungs world, check all your mirrors to make sure you are NOT driving parallel to a boy who, for a known fact, has some fascination with showing up in  yours and your best friend’s lives at weird times. It would be an all around awkward situation for you both, especially since he happens to be your co-editor on the school newspaper, you don’t know him that well, and you have a year to have to deal with him).

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