Kingdom: Animalia.

Phylum: Chordata.

Class: Mammalia.

Order: Primate.

Family: Hominidae.

Genus: Homo.

Species: H. sapien.

Name: Meghan Rose.

A human can be classified in many perspectives but that classification does not make up the human being. I fit the above descriptions, yet I represent none of them. Who I am is something deeper than a physical term that describes my anatomy or a few letters randomly placed together that when sounded out create my name. The representation of me is something deeper, something more than what’s on the surface.

For instance, I am a screamer. Happy, sad, mad or glad… emotion shows itself in the form of a scream; and, not just any scream, but a blood-curdling, “you should be in a horror film” type scream. I can’t control it. But, the question is, do any of those classifications reveal that about me? No. Hopefully as this blog develops, more things, like my overwhelming love for the art of shrieking, will be revealed about me. Hopefully, things other than just the classifications that lie on the surface. I can’t promise anything for this year, but one thing I know for sure is Shelly and I will write it all down: news, music, politics, antics, jokes, anything we find amusing that we can muse about.

A few more things should be mentioned before this blog extravaganza embarks: I wear glasses. I’m young, but not that young. 95% of the things I say can’t be understood with human technology. I’m smart, but not the “shove it in your face” smart. I also have a super power– its called, falling asleep in any place, at anytime. (People often tell me that if the world was experiencing a zombie apocalypse… I would be the one to sleep through it and wake up when the world was destroyed). My body composition has to be made up of at least 25% orange slices and 50% Arizona iced tea. I’m not quite sure what the rest of the 25% is made up of… but some would argue puppies and love. I enjoy reading and long walks on the beach… not really so much the beach thing, but how else is “I enjoy reading” supposed to be followed up? I used to abhor literature, but now, because of words like “abhor” I adore books and novels and anything with text that makes me ponder something I haven’t previously thought about. The smell of a new book makes my toes curl pleasantly. I wish I had a TARDIS. I am absolutely unreliable when it comes to arriving ANYWHERE on time (unless Shelly is there forcing me out the door). I never answer my phone, so don’t bother calling me, I’m probably sleeping. Deception is my middle name and adventure is my calling (after sleep of course). Make-up ruins the beauty of a face, so I don’t usually bother wearing any. Have I mentioned SLEEP?! I love my family (Moomy, Faja, Kair-Bear and Honey-Banana), I worship and adore my God. The feeling of spring, just around the corner, is one I look forward to each and every year. Other than sleep, I don’t think there is much left to say; I will just have to discover the rest of what resides in this messy, space-limited brain in the year that follows. Details I’ve missed are bound to find their way to the surface.

So, *honk, honk* this ship is sailing. Its the first day of the count down until the end of junior year (20 some odd days remaining), and the beginning of my, our, final year as high school students. “Praise Jesus” is really all I can say.

As a finale, I will fill the very first “Quote of the Week” quota by quoting (anymore “qu” sounds and my mouth will die!) the author most recently on my mind, Ray Bradbury. He appropriately states, “We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.” This blog will become our way of letting the thoughts, insights and emotions we are constantly filled with, spill out; let’s make them beautiful.


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